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       Using Aquasource for landscape design

A big fussy and noisy megapolis, haste, pushing, polluted air, noise, dust work - you get tired. It's not surprising that a big quantity of people all over the world prefer to own a private house and live a long way from big cities. Who will not enjoy the absence of noisy neighbours, picturesque landscapes, clean and fresh air, silence, peace, a cup of aromatic coffee with cognac in the open air? Anybody would make this choice. But having a country house and not making your small lot a paradize would be at least inconsiderate. A waterfall,  a pond, a garden, a lawn, a flower garden, an orchard, all these will incline you to peace, rest and be a pleasure to the eye. 
And those who managed to fullfill and those who acquired their small paradize they know, for sure, from their own experience how difficult it is to found a territory with trees and shrubs and then keep it green. What complications appear when creating and founding lawns, flowers and green plantations, orchards and keeping them in proper look. They all need to be watered and in hot summer days even several times, otherwise the heavenly garden will turn into a disgraceful landscape. This problem is usually solved by two ways; by hand with the help of watering hose or with expensive automatic watering equipments which will do everything automaticall instead of you. But you should take into consideration that all this demand some expences: labour wastes, time wastes, financial expenses. Yes, and, I think, the bills for water consuming will not make you happy.

And what if you are a summer resident and can’t often visit your heavenly corner and there’s no one to water it and if there is  water stoppage or you're going on a holiday and after all you're not fascinated with agricultural work and you don't wish to trouble yourself so often ?

To solve all these problems will help Aquasource which proves to be good in the field of planting greenery and landscape design, laying lawns, planting fruit trees, bushes, vine, laying gardens, flower beds, flower gardens, winter gardens and hot houses creating live hedges and mixborders. Aquasource is irreplaceable for container flower-planting and decorative plants, for creating alpine hills, gardens on house roofs and high flower gardens.

Aquasource is an inexpensive and practical solution to all these problems. It will solve watering problem, quicken the growth of grass, flowers, gardens, green plantations and help maintain an ideal appearance. I hope that you’ve already realized that the main goal of Aquasource is to absorb and store irrigatory, rainy water, up to dew and fog. It’s clear that Aquasource, possessing  a low level of evaporation, keeps in the ground the needed quantity of moisture for the plant and  nutritious microelements dissolved from soil or supplimented additionally.

The dosage of Aquasource for landscape design see the section Application Instruction.

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