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  The Planting of Seedlings in the Soil

The planting of seedlings into the soil from the seedbed is far easier.

While planting seedlings into the soil three simple operations need to be carried out:

1. Before planting prepare concentrated solution in а container for dipping the roots (may be used with soil).
2. Make a deeper and wider pit for planting, scatter evenly 3 gr. into the pit (a cap from plastic bottle), the dosage is defined taking into account the type of crop, type and quality of soil and frequency of watering – See the Application Instructions.
3. Plant the seedling covering it with soil not forgetting to water abundantly.

 Anticipating questions we answer, dipping the roots in concentrated solution (possible with soil) is necessary for increasing the percentage of forking the roots into the earth, in other words increasing survival to 98%. And the applying of 3 gr. supplies the plant with moisture of more than one litre water.

For the dosage of Aquasource for planting seedling can be seen in the section Application Instruction.  

ATTENTION!! WRONG PLANTING OF SEEDS!! IT'S NOT CORRECT!! Never plant seeds on a heap of Aquasource. Inattentive and unskilled users act exactly this way not realizing that after watering, 1,2 litre of  Aquasource solution will push the seedling out of soil LIKE A CHAMPAIGN CORK. You'll have to dig again or push the plant back into the soil damaging the roots of a favourite plant while cursing everything and all on earth including your own forgetfulness and inattentiveness. But evenly scattered Aquasource into the pit will let the seedling survive and the plant will have splendid, forked root system which, naturally, influences its health and productivity.

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