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   Seed germination

Everybody knows about the tradition of decorating holiday table with Easter plate full of grain or oats grown in it. And everybody knows how to do it. First they wet and then constantly moisten the seeds on the gauze, cotton and even on toilet paper (what is not thought of!) And what happens while growing seeds in the green houses of Agrocomplex is known to everybody: cup containers, a great number of workers, much time, frequent watering,wastes....   

Aquasource gives a more convenient possibility for seed germination. Here it should be taken into account that Aquasource with absorbed water in itself is in the state of inert substance which does not contain nutrients.    

At the expence of storing water inside its granules and slow evaporation, Aquasource supplies increased moisture easily (as it is known moisture close to 100% is needed) stimulating the growth of seeds. And the seeds contain enough nutritious substances to exist without them for a month, with only water needed. 

Thus, there's no excess moisture or drying up which happens when seeding on the gauze, cotton, sand or filter paper. After the appearance of roots and their growth into the particles of Aquasource, the plants could be transplanted into the soil as their roots already have small containers with enough life giving moisture which promotes rooting quickly.

The proportion of mixing Aquasource with water see the section Application Instruction.

 ATTENTION: Seeds should be put on top of Aquasource! Not to be dug inside and it's advisable to wet the seeds beforehand (they will sprout easily).

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