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   Planting seeds in the soil

It is possible to plant any type of seeds into the soil with Aquasource. It's necessary to take only corresponding dosage of Aquasource depending on natural, climatic conditions of the region, as well as the type and the quality of the soil and the crop and the frequency of future watering.

In case if the soil is salty, there are heavy metals in the earth, the PH of the soil is disturbed, 30-50% of Aquasource is added to the standard described in the instruction. But you are not likely to grow any kind of plant in ecologically polluted soil. You have only to take into account the specifics of the planted seeds in terms of its water demand (remembering that 1 gram of Aquasource absorbs 400 grams of water).

It is necessary to make a bit deeper and wider pit for planting. Pour 3 gr. evenly into the hole (one cap of a plastic bottle), cover Aquasource with a little soil, then put the seeds on top and then cover them fully.

For the dosage of Aquasource for planting seeds see the section Application Instructions.

WRONG PLANTING OF SEEDS!! ATTENTION!! IT'S NOT RIGHT!! You should not plant seeds on a heap of Aquasource on any account, covering such a «crime» with soil. Inattentive and unskilled users do exactly so without realizing that after watering, the seeds will 'get drowned' in Aquasource as in the sea. But when Aquasource is evenly scattered into the pit the seed will get accustomed quietly and as a result will have splendid, forked root system which naturally influences the health and the productivity of the plant.


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