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    Planting of saplings and bushes
For planting trees and bushes regardless of the season (spring or autumn) it is necessary to

1. Prepare solution in some container beforehand to dip the roots in before planting.
2. Make a usual pit for planting equally mixing the taken out soil with 30-50 gr. Aquasource. This will store 17.5-20 liters of water for the sapling.

Anticipating your questions we answer: dipping the roots in the solution is necessary for increasing the percent of rooting in the soil, in other words for increasing the survival to 98%. And the inserted 30-50 gr. will supply the plant with moisture, by 17-20 liter of water. And what after? Then in 3-4 years when the plant comes to fruiting for crop productivity it’s necessary to inject under this fruit tree or bush to increase productivity to 80%. (For details see the section Injection).

The dosage of Aquasource for planting saplings see the section Application Instractions.

 ATTENTION!! WRONG PLANTING OF SAPLINGS!! IT'S INCORRECT!! Dipping roots of saplings in the solution prepared beforehand is necessary and obligatory. Otherwise the sapling will die without extra watering even if you’ve already mixed the necessary amount of Aquasource with soil. If you haven’t mixed Aquasource evenly with the taken out soil but heaped it into the pit, it may lead to choking of sapling roots in 20 liter solution of Aquasource. 
Besides, the sapling risks to be pushed out of soil. But if neither the first nor the second takes place Aquasource solution will serve to nothing unless the roots grow into it. Everything is possible, but why risk and act incorrectly?. Warned-means to be armed.

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