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Еight plus seven is? (answer as number)
На сайте подробно расписаны все недели беременности
, а все о беременности 4 недели можно найти здесь


The method of injection is used under the growing fruit trees, bushes, vine to increase crop productivity and to store water. This is necessary, if you wish to decrease your financial, time and labour wastes on watering, decrease the quantity of supplying fertilizers to 40% and increase the crop capacity to 80%, getting extra profit from it. 

Taking into account the type of the cultivated plant, type and quality of soil and frequency of watering, injections are carried out once every 7 years. That’s enough for getting the above mentioned privileges during the whole period.

Everybody likes to get profit but who likes to lose and have wastes?  It's clear that you need to spend money and buy equipments in order to make injections. It’s useful and necessary for large and small farmers.

And what if you’re a summer resident and have only 30 trees? In this case we can do it for you as we offer our customers such a service (see the section Services).

Of course equipments can be bought but one must remember that the next injection will be after 7 years. But you can make investments and get involved into a new business in the market becoming our dealer (see the section Injection

The dosage of Aqusource for injection see the section Application Instructions

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