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        Green houses
Application of Aquasource in green house, from a technical view, practically doesn’t differ from its application in the open ground described in the sections: Planting seeds in the soilSeedlings planting. The difference is only this: In green houses one can evenly mix 1m3 of soil with definite quantity of Aquasource taking into account the growing plant, type and quality of soil and the frequency of watering.

Everything depends on how often you change the soil in your green house. If you do it often then you should treat each seed, plant and seedling separately. And if you do not change it at all, but only add fertilizers for feeding your plants and you support Ph near to neutral, in this case you can mix Aquasource with soil and use it within 7 years.

If you use equipments for drip irrigation you are lucky twice, the wastes for watering will be minimum. All our consumers who use Aquasource in green houses notice an interesting peculiarity that during afternoon heat all the plants stand erect and fresh and don’t need watering.


The dosage of Aquasource for green houses see the section Application Instructions.


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