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     Fruit-decorative gardening

Growing of planting materials of arboreal plants is one of the actual questions in forestry, as well as in decorative and fruit plant growing. The spector of problems that the nursery-gardeners and founders of decorative gardens, as well as the gardeners who take care of them, face is quite different. Growing of the most planting materials: decorative, fruit, arboreal plants begin with sowing seeds and, to be more exact, from applying seeds, followed by transplantation in the open ground. Applying seeds itself is a labour-consuming process demanding some wastes.

And nobody knows how many seeds will ascend. e.g. the germination of coniferous plants seeds in nurseries doesn’t often exceed to 30-60%. It is known that the process is quite extended in time which complicates the getting of high – quality seedlings. Aquasource can noticably facilitate this rather laborious work of seed germination.

After this, in order to get seedlings it’s necessary to replant the obtained seeds in the ground and to increase the survival rate of plants by supporting, inducing, rooting, stimulating root system, and providing optimal regime of feeding for the seedlings.

Time is needed for all this, as well as financial wastes and labour wastes. And again after such labour the quantity of survived seedlings is not known. And again the inserted into soil Aquasourse will come to help when planting. Aquasource will supply the seedlings with optimal regime of soil moisture, and will store the nutritious substances. It'll undoubtedly lead to a stronger root system, maintaining good plant survival when replanted and will also stimulate the development of crowns at the  seedlings. All the above mentioned characteristics of Aquasource and the effect of using it in all stages of growing plants is profitable for producers. They get the possibility to incrеase the survival of seedlings up to 98% without much loss. And if we take into account that many species of trees in the nurseries are grown during 2 years, then for clever producers the usage of Aquasource becomes a necessity for getting qualified seedling materials for sale, which will undoubtedly influence the profitability of the company.

The next stage is replanting of seedlings. And here again good survival can be provided by using Aquasource. As it is known the necessary condition for the survival of trees, bushes, plants is not only abundent watering but also decreasing of transpiration of moisture contained in plants with leaf coverings. Being in root zone Aquasource supplies the seedling with needed quantity of life giving moisture regardless of transpiration, speed and degree of moisture evaporation from soil.

Irrispective of the fact either we plant the plants with open or covered root system the main factor during the vegetation perion is watering. The watering must be correct, proceeding from the type of plant, type of soil, weather, local climate, demands of the plants themselves. The aim of watering is not only to wet the roots of the planted herbs but also surround them with the smallest particles of earth, condense soil around the roots of planted seedlings and remove redundent air from soil. That's why abundant and timely watering is necessary after planting, especially during the first several years which will guarantee survival of plants and their preparation for winter. Frequent and not continuous watering will wet only the upper layer of earth which will dry  up quickly and water won't simply reach the roots. Besides, frequent and wrong watering will make the soil solid that's why the necessity of hoeing appears. It's clear that usually the roots of plants go deeper and for the water to reach them you should water long enough. If a seedling is not big, depending on soil, 5 liters of water is enough once a week, if it is of middle size - 10-15 liters, bigger than middle size - 20-30 liters. E.g. coniferous species (e.g. thuja) need watering once a week for 10-12 liters. It's good if it's one, two or three seedling or plants but what if there are hectares of them? Here they'll have serious financial, time and labour wastes. You can easily avoid all these if you use Aquasource. 30-50gr is enough to mix with soil when planting which will give the plants minimum 10.5-17.5 lt. of life giving moisture. That will enable to us water the seedlings once a month. Smart, calculating producer will appreciate econimic profitableness of using Aquasource.

The dosage of Aquasource for sowing seeds, seedlings and plants see the section Application Instruction.

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