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    Floriculture, floristics and phytodesign

Florists and phytodesigners know well that after making a composition from fresh flowers or plants, especially if they are in hot or sunny room, on the window, it is quite difficult to support the moisture of earth continuously. And to maintain necessary mikroclimate which constantly changes in the flat at a needed level is not always possible and by not everybody. Even a small declination of moisture or dryness in flower pots, containers will result in destroying the normal growth of plants. It's especially well observed in case of small containers. Even in case of regular care either dying or over moisturezing takes place. And the specialists and fans of floriculture know that the regime of moisture is directly connected with the regime of feeding. With dry soil the plant is unable to digest the nutritious microelements, fertilizers and when over watered nutritious substances, fertilizers are simply washed out of the container. Such sort of moisture fluctuations end in breaking the regime of feeding which will lead to weak blooming, aging and whithering of the plants. It’s possible that there are some smart technical solutions to such problems but, in any case, they are either expensive or already oppose the design.
And what to do with the newly cut flowers? You have to change or add water all the time otherwise they’ll smell bad. The cheaper and more practical decision is using Aquasource, which helps to decrease evaporation and stop rotting of water. Aquasource, regardless of microeclements in the location, will absorb, store and keep the necessary balance of moisture in the root zones of the containers. After growing their roots into swollen Aquasource they will use life moisture and dissolved nutritious microelements in it as much as they need and when they choose.

The dosage of Aquasource for floriculture, floristics and phytodesign see the section Application Instructions.

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