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Ecotechnology LLC
Armenia, 0001 Yerevan, Sayat-Nova 4/49

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About  us

The company Ecotechnology LLC was founded in 2011. It's a universal, dynamically developing modern company, which suggests a wide spector of services for all its clients in all segments of the industry market. The aim of creating the company is to introduce in the market innovative agricultural technologies which will contribute to the efficiency and ecology of farming.

The main direction of activity

Today Ecotechnology LLC is the first and the only company in the Armenian market which has introduced monocycle production of biodegradable absorbent (hydrogel) - Aquasource in the Armenian market, as well as worked out and practiced necessary special techniques to apply them in the sphere of agricultural farming, landshaft design, decorative floriculture and forestry. Being the leader in the market in the sphere of service and production sale, the Company Ecotechnology LLC today and in the future will not fail to prove its professionalism not only in words but also in work.

Company's mission

Its mission is to help the farmers, agricultural farms, commercial agricultural organizations, landshaft designers, floriculturists and foresters to introduce and use the product of innovative technologies - the biodegradable absorbent (agricultural hydrogel) Aquasource, which promotes the effectiveness of ecological and economical farming.

Company's aim

The aim of the company is to introduce, distribute and use Aquasource which will allow the farmers to open new possibilities by using Aquasource to cut off production costs of growing products and activity, to find optimum ways of achieving balance between the growth of profit and ecological farming, to increase noticeably the profitableness of production, making it effective, economical and low-cost.

Strategical aims and principles of Company's work

  • to provide qualitative service in any place, at any time
  • to carry out all its consultations and services according to modern service standards, using the principle of ''Economic reasonableness''
  • to pay attention to the clients' wishes and take maximum care
  • to try to make decisions according to our clients' interests
  • to offer exactly what the client needs and anticipate his wish
  • to deliver the product to the customer in time according to the principle of ''from door to door''
  • to carry out qualitative service after the sale as well.